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This ancient fort perched on a steep cliff, about 304 meters high has been a standing sentinel to the crumbling history of valour and chivalry. It was perhaps built by Nikumbh Rajputs in 928 A.D. and was later occupied by Mughals and Jats.

In 1775 A.D. the fort was conquered by Maharao Raja Pratap Singh, the founder of Alwar state. The huge fort extends about 5 km from north to south and 1.6 km from east to west. There are 15 large and 51 small towers (Burj) with 446 loopholes for musketry and eight towers (Burj) around it to strengthen its defences. A splended view of the Alwar city can be enjoyed from the watch towers of this impregnable bastion.

The fort has six gates, namely, Jai Pol, Suraj Pol, Laxman Pol, Chand Pol, Krishen Pol and Andheri Gate which tells us the story of valor and chivalry of Rajputs. Bala Quila walls are decorated with finely crafted with ancient scriptures and sculptures that would take you back to those golden times. It is a testimonial of Indo-Islamic architecture.

The fort also has Jai Mahal, Nikumbh Mahal, Salim Sagar Pond, Suraj Kund and many temples which even today reflect the grandeur of the bygone era. One can see the splendid view of the city from the watch towers of Bala Quila. One also needs to take the permission of Superintendent of Police, Alwar to visit the fort.

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